Do you think Life is complicated?

My name is Brian Mardiney and I have always been a life coach, in one form or another. I was adopted into a family that could afford things like private school and memberships at country clubs, but couldn’t understand how to deal with a kid trying to survive sustained maternal abuse. My fancy private schools didn’t know what to do with me and studying psychology in college didn’t teach me half of what I already learned on my own – how to intuitively read and relate to everyone I met, how to problem solve in a world full of meaningless platitudes and very few actual solutions, and how to take seemingly complex issues and make them extremely simple.

I’ve been a life coach all of my life, to everyone around me. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. Take a look through my site, listen to my podcast, and see if we might be a good fit for each other. I specialize in building self-esteem, developing emotional control, and enhancing interpersonal communication (including couples). Just like my younger self, you aren’t broken, you’re just someone in need of a guide.

What I can do

Teenage Guidance

Adolescence is a hard time for everyone, parents and kids alike. With my help, I can help teenagers figure out who they are and who they want to be, while simultaneously showing parents the best ways to help their child become a con dent adult.

Relationship Communication

I provide thorough, personally tailored examinations of who you are, your loved one are, what you need out of your relationship, and expert insights on how to communicate effectively based on both of your needs.

Attraction Overhual

Whether it’s tips on what to look for in a potential partner, lessons on how to navigate the first few dates, or a complete redesign of your OKCupid profile, I’ll give you the best shot at finding what you are really looking for, but maybe didn’t even realize yourself.

My wife and I have been married for a little over two years. We are very much in love. We are happy, successful, and confident people. This, of course, does not make us immune to negative emotions. Quite the opposite: because we love each other very much, the emotions we feel are intense. Sometimes something really small and otherwise insignificant, coupled with implicit expectations, causes a very strong emotional response. Staying calm and rational in these cases is challenging.

Brian has been amazing in helping us navigate through such turbulent moments. He has an uncanny ability to effortlessly get to the root of any problem, large or small. My wife and I sometimes joke that Brian acts as an interpreter, translating to us what the other partner meant to say and why. He helps us to take the emotion apart and analyze what is it exactly we are reacting to, whether the reaction valid, and how best to communicate it to one another. With Brian’s help, we have learned how to approach emotions and disagreements, and achieve our individual goals in a mutually beneficial way. We will continue using Brian’s services and will highly recommend him to all our friends.

Alex and Sanaa

Age, 42 and 24

“Brian Mardiney’s chief strength is his ability to ask thoughtful, concise questions. These kind and warm inquiries often fast-lane the conversation to the highest and most important issues. I ramble and don’t know where to begin, but suddenly things track for the better.

Brian’s experience and perspective allows not only for me to have revelations that are “nice to know,” but to take on tools that crack open dysfunction and easily reveal how to develop my self esteem. These surprising facts are life-changing, and give me measurable progress towards my ambitious goals. The talks and meetings are a blast, and I feel very empowered and strong. Thanks, Brian!”


Age, 53

“I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and motivation. I knew what I wanted from life but I didn’t believe it was possible, or the amount of work to get there seemed too mountainous. I have seen a psychologist, and that was helpful for me. Brian is helpful in similar ways, but his unique position allows him to be more useful than a psychologist, if you let him. He also has a sharp eye for any excuses or evasions you might be making and he helps you to think about them and yourself and whether you want those cop-outs to define your character.”


Age, 26

“As a teenager with opportunities but little ambition, Brian gave me the “push” I needed to be successful. My issue wasn’t circumstance, it was motivation, and Brian got me to realize and change this. By teaching me to think about the hard questions and hold my work/lifestyle to a higher standard, Brian allowed me to reach and surpass my goals. He also put great effort into helping me overcome the teenage “slump” that high school can cause. If it weren’t for Brian, I would never have thought of, let alone reach, the academic level I have achieved.

Brian doesn’t just analyze the issues, he communicates and works with you to pass whatever is in your way. I have full confidence that he will be able to replicate his success with me with anyone willing to put in a serious effort to change.”

N., male,(Name withheld for privacy)

Age, 20

“I have struggled with severe depression and many forms of addiction for the past 14 years of my life. Since the age of 13 I have been in all different forms of therapy sessions, support groups, and hospitals to help find the best treatment to overcome my struggles. I honestly felt as though I had seen and heard it all when it came to getting advice about leading my life in the right direction, until I met Brian.

For the past year Brian has helped me work through the underlying issues that have led me to feel hopeless and self medicate for so long. I can be completely honest with him without fear of judgement. He has shed a new light on my old coping mechanisms to help me understand why these behaviors have not worked. And most importantly he has truly helped me with a new set of healthy coping skills that I implement in my life today. I am proud to say that I am genuinely happy and addiction free for the first time in a very long time with the help and guidance from Brian Mardiney!”


Age, 26

“I would recommend Reality Guidance to anyone interested in seeking the correct and rational answers for their life problems. Brian has helped me in one of the most difficult periods of time in my life and come out on the other side with my head held high and making better decisions.”

C., male,(Name withheld for privacy)

Age, 25

“Having worked with Brian for months on how to better my own life, I would say that I’m in a good position to tell you how he works as a “reality guide”. It’s hard to quantify the all-encompassing nature of his service but it has been a valuable asset. It has helped me more than going to doctor, working with a psychiatrist, and chatting with a counselor. Where each of them failed, he has succeeded. Make no mistake, this isn’t a touchy-feely, lay on a couch and talk about your emotions forever kind of therapy. Brian deals with reality, pure and simple. Once he’s led you through the principles and methods, and once you understand the concepts of how reality works, if you err, it will be so clear to you, as will the remedy.

If you want to discuss and understand reality, and how to apply it to better your own life; if you want someone who can evaluate your life to figure out where you went wrong, and where you can go right; if you want to develop motivation, drive, value, independence and self-esteem; if you want someone with principle to show you how simple it all is… then Brian is your man.”


Age, 21

Episode 39 – Early Marriage (3/15/2016)

A young couple is considering marriage. Is this a good idea? And what are the motivations behind it? I break it all down in this Q&A episode. Link | Open Player in New Window

Episode 38 – For the Ladies (Emotional Interpretation) (2/14/2016)

What’s one of the most common issues I come across with my clients, especially women? Emotional perception and interpretation, and it’s a hell of a dangerous tendency. Take a listen and consider if you see any of yourself in what I describe. Link | Open Player in New Window

Episode 37 – Relationship Communication (9/22/2015)

We’ve all heard that communication is key to healthy relationships, but what does that mean? What kind of communication is needed? And of equal importance, how do you avoid “magical thinking” that totally wrecks most relationships? I break it down step by step, so take a listen. Link | Open Player in New Window

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I picked the name “Reality Guidance” to separate myself from the life coaches that rely on mysticism and spiritualism to arrive at some other-worldly “truth”. I work with people to improve their self-esteem, to develop emotional control and reason, and to learn better ways of communicating with people, especially loved ones. But I do all of that using simple reason and logic, which is the only true way of solving any problem, including (especially) emotional ones. Thus, I’m a guide, helping you navigate reality.


In a word: results. One of the most common refrains I here from new clients is that they’ve been in and out of traditional therapy for years and it’s done almost nothing for them. Therapy is great for understanding yourself, but with a few exceptions, it has scant few solutions once you understand the issues. I, on the other hand, am like a Swiss army knife – I can start with you on the self-discovery or I can pick up where your previous therapists left off and help you conquer your hang-ups and become your ideal self. It doesn’t matter what stage of the self-improvement process you’re currently in, I’ll be able to help in ways that most therapists can’t or won’t.


It’s a four step process. Together, we will work to...

  1.  Understand you and your history, focusing on everything that’s relevant to the issues or obstacles you’re experiencing.
  2. Learn the cause and effect relationships that underlie those issues. This is the transformative part for most people, as they realize that life is much simpler than they think it is.
  3. Plan your “ideal self”, the person you ultimately want to be. This could be a general shift in perspective and behavior, or a more targeted change to certain areas.
  4. Execute on that plan using the cause-effect knowledge you’ve gained throughout. This is where it’s important to have someone like me helping you course correct or just keeping you motivated and on track.

And as the title of my coaching indicates, we will be approaching all of this with reason. Emotions certainly have their place, but after this process, you will control them, they won’t control you.


Totally understandable, it can be scary to jump into personal issues with a stranger. Your first stop should be my Reality Check podcast (hosted here on this website or you can find it on iTunes). Listen to a few episodes, get to know my style and see if you think I know what I’m talking about. That will go a long way to make it feel like I’m not such a stranger after all. And of course, you can always check out my testimonials page. Once you feel satisfied that I have something to offer you, you can contact me in a number of different ways - the contact form on this site, on Facebook, on Twitter, or just email or phone (410) 921-9103. There’s nothing to lose and trust me when I say, no problem is too insignificant or “weird” or impossible. No matter what you’re dealing with, I’m confident that we’ll conquer it together.