Episode 37 – Relationship Communication (9/22/2015)

We’ve all heard that communication is key to healthy relationships, but what does that mean? What kind of communication is needed? And of equal importance, how do you avoid “magical thinking” that totally wrecks most relationships? I break it down step by step, so take a listen.

Episode 36 – Toxic Troubles (9/11/2015)

Toxic people – we’ve all heard the term and we generally know that they are bad news. But in this episode, I detail exactly why toxic people are so detrimental and how to deal with them.

Episode 35 – Vulnerability (8/31/2015)

What is the most important ingredient of any relationship? Vulnerability. But what is it? Why is it so important? Doesn’t being vulnerable make you weaker? All of those questions, and more, are answered in this week’s episode.

Episode 34 – From Surviving to Thriving (8/21/2015)

Why do some people seem to succeed by default while others can barely keep their heads above water? Is it luck? Skill? A big part of it comes down to knowing when to make decisions. Take a listen and I’ll explain.

Episode 33 – Made of Sterner Stuff (8/3/2015)

A listener writes in to posit a theory: that childhood hardships largely determine the difference between someone who has emotional grit and someone who doesn’t. Some good observation but I explain how that may be putting the focus in the wrong place.

Episode 32 – All About Porn (7/23/2015)

Let’s talk about porn for a moment, shall we? This week I answer a listener’s question about porn while also using the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about it and explain why porn is usually a force for good in the world.

Episode 31 – Hell Is Not Other People (7/16/2015)

How much of our lives is a preoccupation with other people? From Facebook stalking to “slacktivism”, it seems like more and more, people are all up in each others’ business. How do you navigate the indirect emotional impacts that other people have you? Listen and find out.

Episode 30 – Emotional Control (7/9/2015)

Do you ever feel like your emotions control you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could flip the script so that you were the one deciding how you want to feel about events in your life? It may sound impossible to some, but this week I explain the first steps in taking control over your emotions.

Episode 29 – Friendship (6/25/2015)

What should go into friendship? Is a friend’s job to support you through thick and thin, no matter what? What about the dreaded “friendzone”? Take a listen and I’ll give you my take on all of it.

Episode 28 – Jerk or Doormat (6/18/2015)

Is there a middle ground between being a jerk and a doormat? How do you escape from the pattern of being either one? This week, I discuss how to be assertive and not feel guilt about it.

Episode 27 – Political Downer (6/10/2015)

Time to get political! Not in the way you might be thinking though. I take a question from someone who’s just trying to work with a woman who insists on injecting her own personal politics into everything. Why do people do this? And how do you deal with someone like that? Take a listen and I’ll […]

Episode 26 – Self Esteem (6/2/2015)

This week, I talk about the mother of all topics: self esteem. We hear the term almost every day, but much of what we hear is vague or contradictory. What is it really and how do we get it? Listen to find out.

Episode 25 – Anger Mismanagement (5/26/2015)

What is anger? Where does it come from? Is it always a good thing to “let it all out”? There’s so much conflicting advice out there about what anger is and how to deal with it, but this episode should make it easier to understand and control.

Episode 24 – Honesty (5/20/2015)

This week, I extol the virtue of honesty. But trust me, this isn’t some moralizing sermon. This is the key to enhancing every aspect of your life. Sounds too good to be true? Listen and find out.

Episode 20 – Thank You For Being a Friend (4/24/2015)

How do you talk to a friend about his wife and the effect she has on him? Is it even appropriate to bring it up in the first place? In answering this, I expand on some of the principles mentioned in Episode 18, so if you want a more complete picture, listen to Laws of Attraction […]