What is Reality Guidance?

Simple. Clear. Rational.

 Unlike most therapists, who will lead you around aimlessly with questions like “And how does that make you feel?” for years on end, my goal is results. So while we will almost certainly grapple with some heavy psychological stuff, it’s a true back-and-forth conversation. Like a detective mixed with an engineer, I’m here to figure out what makes you tick and how we can improve that ticking. And while reason may be universal, answers are never one-size-fits-all. My speciality is in the areas of Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Self-esteem, and navigating Online DatingIt’s an entirely collaborative process as we both work to tailor all of your solutions to the context of your particular situation.


  • “I’ve truly enjoyed working with Brian. I appreciate his rational and logical approach to life and problem solving…I highly recommend his services!”

    -Eric, 32

  • Brian doesn’t just analyze the issues, he communicates and works with you to pass whatever is in your way. I have full confidence that he will be able to replicate his success with me with anyone willing to put in a serious effort to change.

    N., male, 20 (Name withheld for privacy)

  • “Brian’s chief strength is his ability to ask thoughtful, concise questions. These kind and warm inquiries often fast-lane the conversation to the highest and most important issues.”

    — Julia, 53

  • “I have seen a psychologist, and that was helpful for me. Brian is helpful in similar ways, but his unique position allows him to be more useful than a psychologist, if you let him.”

    — Tom, 26

  • “Brian has been amazing in helping us navigate through such turbulent moments. He has an uncanny ability to effortlessly get to the root of any problem, large or small.”

    – Alex and Sanaa, 42, 26

How can Reality Guidance Life Coaching assist?

  • Interpersonal Relationships

    I will show effective ways of raising your emotional intelligence, reading motivations in others, and making sure your interactions with those around you are always win-win.

  • Emotional Control

     I will help you to learn what role emotions should have in your life and the way keep them in their place while your rational mind decides what’s best for you.

  • Self-Esteem

    Put simply, the foundation of self esteem is the full knowledge and acceptance that you are competent at navigating through life and together we will devise a plan to build that in you.

  • Rational Decision Making

    Self esteem isn’t possible until you learn how to make every decision based on reason.

Ready to reach higher in your life?

Life Coaching, Relationships, Online Dating, Self-Esteem, Emotional Control, and more.

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