How can I get the most out of Reality Guidance?

There isn’t much you need to bring into a session besides mind. But within that, there are two attitude qualities that will greatly help get the most out of the coaching sessions:


The only way to truly learn is to know that you don’t know. To a certain extent, reaching out for coaching is an implicit admission that you need some help (which in self-improvement terms, is great). But with that must come an acceptance that parts of your outlook are unhelpful or skewed, often through no fault of your own. One of the things I’m going to challenge you to do is rethink all of the things you take for granted. Only through serious introspection can we discover where the irrationalities are. I won’t have all the answers for you right out of the gate, but with a healthy bit of curiosity, we can figure it all out together.


If you’re considering life coaching, you’ve already decided that you are unsatisfied with some part or parts of your life the way they are. Coming into Reality Guidance with the mindset that you are ready for the next chapter to begin goes a long way. It’s the easiest thing in the world to accept the familiar, even if you hate it. However, it’s the harder, but correct, path that leads to actual happiness. I spend a great deal of time putting emotions in their place, so it might seem ironic that I call upon them here, but three things will drive you forward towards fulfillment – anger at the status quo and old, repeating patterns, passion for a new, better way, and excitement for what’s possible once you see the world more clearly.






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