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If you’re like most singles out there, you are both frustrated and confused by online dating. In this episode of the Reality Check Podcast, I explain how and why things are the way they are and begin down the path of finding some direction. A must-listen if you want to understand why dating, especially online dating, is just not working for you.

Ep 41: Today’s Dating Landscape

00:00 / 13:05

Reality Guidance 2.0 is now online! Listen to find out what’s changed and what’s next.

EP 40: The Return of Reality Guidance

00:00 / 6:15

A young couple is considering marriage. Is this a good idea? And what are the motivations behind it? I break it all down in this Q&A episode.


EP 39: Early Marriage

00:00 / 6:26

What’s one of the most common issues I come across with my clients, especially women? Emotional perception and interpretation, and it’s a hell of a dangerous tendency. Take a listen and consider if you see any of yourself in what I describe.


EP 38: For the Ladies

00:00 / 10:08

We’ve all heard that communication is key to healthy relationships, but what does that mean? What kind of communication is needed? And of equal importance, how do you avoid “magical thinking” that totally wrecks most relationships? I break it down step by step, so take a listen.


EP 37: Relationship Communication

00:00 / 10:19

Toxic people – we’ve all heard the term and we generally know that they are bad news. But in this episode, I detail exactly why toxic people are so detrimental and how to deal with them.



EP 36: Toxic Troubles

00:00 / 9:42

What is the most important ingredient of any relationship? Vulnerability. But what is it? Why is it so important? Doesn’t being vulnerable make you weaker? All of those questions, and more, are answered in this week’s episode.



EP 35: Vulnerability

00:00 / 10:52

Why do some people seem to succeed by default while others can barely keep their heads above water? Is it luck? Skill? A big part of it comes down to knowing when to make decisions. Take a listen and I’ll explain.




EP 34: From Surviving to Thriving

00:00 / 9:49

A listener writes in to posit a theory: that childhood hardships largely determine the difference between someone who has emotional grit and someone who doesn’t. Some good observation but I explain how that may be putting the focus in the wrong place.



EP 33: Made of Sterner Stuff

00:00 / 12:24

Let’s talk about porn for a moment, shall we? This week I answer a listener’s question about porn while also using the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about it and explain why porn is usually a force for good in the world.



EP 32: All About Porn

00:00 / 12:21