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  • “I’ve truly enjoyed working with Brian.  I appreciate his rational and logical approach to life and problem solving.  He’s helped me make a very difficult career decision that I now look back on as one of the best decisions of my life.  He’s helped me to better understand my relationship with my wife.  He’s also helped me identify and move on from a toxic relationship with a family member.  His advice will sometimes verify what I’m already feeling and sometimes will surprise me, but it has always been sound advice.  I highly recommend his services!”

    -Eric, 32

  • “Having worked with Brian for months on how to better my own life, I would say that I am in a good position to tell you how he works as a reality guide. It is hard to quantify the all-encompassing nature of his service but it has been a valuable asset. It has helped me more than going to doctor, working with a psychiatrist, and chatting with a counselor. Where each of them failed, he has succeeded. Make no mistake, this isnt a touchy-feely, lay on a couch and talk about your emotions forever kind of therapy. Brian deals with reality, pure and simple. Once he is led you through the principles and methods, and once you understand the concepts of how reality works, if you err, it will be so clear to you, as will the remedy.

    If you want to discuss and understand reality, and how to apply it to better your own life; if you want someone who can evaluate your life to figure out where you went wrong, and where you can go right; if you want to develop motivation, drive, value, independence and self-esteem; if you want someone with principle to show you how simple it all is then Brian is your man.”

    – Deanna, 26

“I’ve truly enjoyed working with Brian. I appreciate his rational and logical approach to life and problem solving…I highly recommend his services!”

-Eric, 32