Life Coaching

Happiness comes from clarity and competence, rational thoughts and actions. It’s not an emotion, it’s a state of being. My life coaching services are focused on getting my clients to that state of personal happiness. I use a constructively collaborative conversational style, which means you and I will simply talk through each element of your life and figure it out together. In this way, I can help you discover ways to improve your self esteem, figuring out your next career steps, attract (and keep) the love of your life, deal with friends and family, or raise healthy, confident children.


Put simply, the foundation of self esteem is the full knowledge and acceptance that you are competent at navigating through life and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Everyone is capable of achieving high self-esteem and together we will devise a plan to build that in you.

Emotional Control

Emotions are often seen as impossibly powerful, uncontrollable forces in people’s lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Emotions serve a very important role in life, but if you’re using them to “think” or to make decisions, you are already keenly aware of the results that follow. I will help you to learn what role emotions should have in your life and the way keep them in their place while your rational mind decides what’s best for you.

Rational Decision-Making

In tandem with emotional control comes the importance of reason. Even if you aren’t paralyzed with emotion, how can you know the best ways to chart a course through life’s innumerable decisions? What’s best for your career? How should you use your time and where should your focus lie? Should you pursue this woman or that man? What color shirt should you wear today? After working with me, all of these questions will seem equally simple to answer, regardless of how small or monumental they are in importance.

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