Relationship Coaching

How the hell did our grandparents do it? These days, everyone seems to agree that relationships are nearly impossible to maintain over long periods of time. The moment the “honeymoon period” is over, it’s right on to the next one. So how are we supposed to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships that eventually lead to marriage, kids and a loving family?

Fortunately, there are answers to these conundrums. Whether it’s the all-important communication, matters of trust and honesty, understanding each other’s emotions and perspectives, keeping the relationship affectionate and exciting, or even dealing with extended family and in-laws, I can help you learn the skills and mindsets needed to build the life-long partnership that we were all promised.

I can work with you individually, as a couple, or a combination of both. Whatever fits your specific situation, we will find the best fit and make sure your grandkids hold you up as their example of what a good relationship should be.

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