Episode 19 – Shining Happy People (4/16/2015)

This week’s question and answer episode is a tough one: if you’re unhappy with your life, how to do you cope with being around happy people? The answer starts with another question: Are you asking the right question? Confused? Don’t worry, I break it all down. Lots of discussion about depression in this one, so […]

Episode 18 – Laws of Attraction (4/9/2015)

Why do we attract the people we do? How come you can’t seem to find that “nice guy” or “cool chick”? And how come friendships sometimes disappear for no reason at all? Attraction and relationships are much simpler than they sometimes appear. Take a listen to understand how and why.

Episode 17 – Dial T For Tact (3/24/2015)

This week I attempt to keep a questioner from killing his coworker. Okay, not really, but what starts out as a mostly tongue-in-cheek question leads to some serious advice about how to deal with annoying coworkers.

Episode 12 – Haunted by the Past (2/12/2015)

Have you ever had trouble letting go of a past event? Of course you have, we all have. This week, I delve into some of the possible causes of our tendency to fixate on the trauma of the past. And sometimes, that fixation is deeper than we think it is.

Episode 10 – The Dreaded Job Interview (1/28/2015)

A listener ask how to prepare for a job interview. I certainly can’t compete with the hundreds of how-to books out there in a 12 minute podcast episode, but here are some key things to keep in mind, which might put your mind at ease and help you approach an interview more rationally.

Episode 9 – Unearned Guilt: A Psychological Plague (1/21/2015)

Back to a topic discussion, this week I’m talking about unearned guilt. It’s one of the main forces of psychological destruction in many people’s lives so it’s incredibly important to understand it. Mentioned in this episode:  EMDR Therapy, the Reality Guidance Facebook Page, and the Reality Guidance Twitter account. Please Like and Follow!

Episode 8 – Two Roads Diverged (1/14/2015)

It’s a short Q&A episode this week discussing the age-old topic of choosing a job for money vs. enjoyment. Just like all things, it can’t exactly be summarized in a bumper-sticker cliche.

Episode 7 – Emotions: Who’s Behind the Wheel? (1/5/2015)

We’re changing it up this week as, rather than answering a question, I talk about one of the fundamental principles upon which much of my life coaching is based: the proper role of emotions in your life. When making decisions, is it ever a good idea to “follow your heart?”

Episode 6 – But What Do You Think? (12/23/2014)

This week’s topic is about self doubt in the face other peoples’ reactions to your decisions. Why does it happen, how to stop the doubt from creeping in and are there times when the doubt is a good thing?

Episode 4 – I Believe You Have My Stapler (12/8/2014)

It’s moral dilemma time. How do you handle a friend who’s stealing office supplies without adopting the dreaded “snitch” title? This one delves into philosophy a little bit, which is much more important in day-to-day life than most people think.

Episode 3 – Depressed Dad (11/28/2014)

This week’s podcast is all about family (which I thought was fitting, given the holidays have started up). How does one talk to a father who seems to be depressed? A tough topic but here’s my advice on where to begin.

Episode 2 – Put Out Pressure (11/21/2014)

This week’s question is the age-old young love question of, “Should I put out, sexually, in order to keep a guy around?” While the answer is pretty quick and easy to arrive at, it’s still an interesting topic and in my usual fashion, I dissect as many angles as I can in grappling with it. […]

Episode 1 – I Hate Biology (11/14/2014)

The first official question for Reality Check is from a college student who feels obligated (due to their parents’ preferences) to continue studying biology despite hating the subject matter. Should they continue on the biology track to avoid rocking the boat or, instead chart a new, potentially riskier, course?

Intro Episode (11/7/2014)

A small introduction describing what Reality Check will be and where the idea came from. Links mentioned – Love Line and my contact form for submitting questions. Any and all feedback is welcome!