I should probably have subtitled this blogĀ What are you trying to accomplish? because that’s going to be the perpetual theme. Here we have what I categorize as primarily a virtue signaling profile. Some people feel like it’s more important to appear politically or culturally “good” than it is to be attractive or appealing (both physically or in terms of personality). The problem is that virtue signalling actually makes you less appealing, even subconsciously to people who would otherwise agree with you. Now, if we were talking about actual virtues (honesty, integrity, rationality, etc.), this wouldn’t be a bad thing. But with virtue signalers, it always seems to come down to two things – politics and feminism. Guess how appealing those topics are to most people? Let’s jump into it:


  • Pronouns – Already we can see where this profile is headed. Never list your “preferred pronouns” (people in the real world instinctively view this as a sign of mental illness) and if you see someone who does, don’t bother with them. 99.98% of the population do not have gender dysphoria so when you start out with pronouns, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with signaling, “I’m not one of those evil white supremacist Nazis!” Do you know who thinks in those terms? No one you would ever want to date.
  • Astrology – Okay, this my be tough for some women to hear, but astrology is almost entirely a “woman thing”. And since it’s all nonsense (magic doesn’t exists, people), all this really does is tell men, “This is a dumb one.” It’s not a man-repellent per se, but it does set you up to be viewed by men as gullible or dim. And as such, you’ll be attracted all sorts of guys who will want to lie to you to get what they want (hint: it’s sex).
  • Xanex – I honestly don’t know what you can draw from this other than that she may be dealing with anxiety issues. Or it could just be a joke. But if you’re going to joke, you have to be funny. Bad jokes in profiles are worse than no jokes at all. Don’t attempt it unless you know you’re good at it.
  • Transphobic – Again we have a total virtue signal. The chances that she’s actually asking for help moving from complete strangers on a dating app are about zero. This is in here to let you know that not only is she pro-trans people, she also loves labeling things “transphobic”. This is known as “call out culture”, where people within the social justice bubble are more esteemed the more they “call out” supposed racism, sexism, and all kinds of “phobias”. Chances are, her roommate is guilty of the sin of thinking that men are men and women are women. But that’s all that’s needed to warrant an entire line in herĀ dating profile.
  • Black hearts – And finally we come to the pure, distilled virtue signal. One thing after another that all basically say “I’m the most good, caring, smart person in the world.” Make no mistake, there is no real “we” in that last line. This is all about her and it has essentially nothing to do with dating or trying to find a suitable partner.


The more you virtue signal, the less appealing you become. It’s just that simple. People that feel the need to do this are broadcasting that they are desperate for other people to validate them (either positively or negatively, it doesn’t matter so long as they aren’t ignored). They often have no idea what actual virtue is, mistaking it for passionate cause-support (which is common among young people, but not for good, rational reasons). So if you notice any of this grandstanding in your own profile, dial it back and remember the point of dating profiles – to attract good people.